Third Sunday of Easter
First Reading: Acts 3:13-15,17-19
Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 4:2,4,7-8,9
Second Reading: 1 John 2:1-5a
Gospel Reading: Luke 24:35-48

We live in a world of instants. We want things to be done outright or wishes to happen instantly. We could hardly wait. But when we read the gospels, we see how patient Jesus was with his disciples. Jesus gave his disciples plenty of time to grow in their faith. They spent three years with Him and still they did not understand Him. He walked with the two on their way to Emmaus and let them tell their story of frustration. When they had finished expressing their feelings of disappointment, He explained to them the Scripture, and still, they did not understand. In today’s gospel his patience continues. He invited the disciples to touch Him to feel that He is real, and He eats with them to prove that He is not a ghost. He shows them how Scripture backs him up.
Patience is not always easy to practice. It needs trust in people’s goodness. It is built on the conviction that the final result will be positive. It relies on perseverance that can overcome initial setbacks. God has been so patient with us. We have questioned his teachings; we have demanded explanations and we have wondered if he is real. Yet, He remains patient with us and somehow answers our questions, explains the happenings in our lives and removes doubt. Often though, all of these are replaced by new ones, yet he keeps walking with us on the road of life. Our celebration of the Eucharist keeps the fire burning in our hearts.
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