Pastor Message

The Boat

Jesus was on their way to the other side of the lake, when a violent squall came up, and the waves were breaking over the boat, threatening the disciples’ survival. The boat was understood to represent the church which had rough sailing. There were many incidents in church history which almost caused the sinking of the church

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The gospel stresses the value of patience. First and foremost, patience to ourselves, for we are the first to suffer
from our shortcomings like being over-sensitive, being a worrier or perfectionist. We may
have to plant the seed of understanding to convince ourselves that very few people

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To Do The Will of the Father

We always thought that the last bastion of support that you and I expect would be our family. But it was not the case with Jesus. Can you imagine having your own family turn against you? Your own relatives calling you “mad.”? It would have required a strong inner life on the part of Jesus to be able to withstand such external turmoil. I believe that it is just what Mark wanted us to appreciate about Jesus, “to do the will of the Father.”

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The Advocate

The Holy Spirit is indeed the dynamic force who transforms not only the Church but every human person. We have encountered many people whose lives were “renewed” because of the Spirit. Their eyes were opened to realize their frailty and emptiness despite material fullness and satisfaction.

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